Wendy here with some of my organizational tips…everyone has their own way of keeping organized …here at YNS we decided to share some of ours with you all…

Here is a peek into my craft room with some photos of how I stay organized and how I have re-purposed some everyday non craft related items…I am all about saving my money for the FUN stuff like paper, stamps and embellies….

 My closets are full of dollar store bins and shelving to keep all my stamps the right on this picture you will see  a curtain rod re-purposed to hang stamp sets from

 I have my dies organized using the ArtBin system , the same as Jen showed you last works for me too..everything neat and tidy in 1 tote

A while back I had decided that I no longer wanted my spices taking up counter space so I  packed away my spice rack but when I had seen it re-used  for embellishments I hunted it down in the garage and filled it up …I love having this on my desk handy and full of fun

Next up is my Copic marker cubby…. my husband made this for me out of PVC pipe for next to nothing and I love it…I have close to 200 markers and still have oodles of room for more…plus another row can easily be added anytime …how is that for cost savings
And lastly I thought I would share one of my MOST  treasured  organizational tools…my dry erase calendar that hangs above my computer station…I have a  symbol  and color coded system that works for me and helps me remember what I need to post and when …I certainly wouldn’t be able to keep up my blogging without it…well hopefully I have helped some of you with ideas on how to re-purpose or ways to stay organized

Happy Crafting



  1. 1
    Maureen says:

    Love your room and TFS your ideas!

  2. 2

    Love all your awesome tips and fab crafty space!!! TFS! xx

  3. 3
    Tina says:

    Very nice. Although I have not built up a collection of too many markers yet, I am working on it. And seeing your post I finally know what to do with all those baby formula cans. I bet I can do the same thing that you did with PVC pipe!

  4. 4
    wendy says:

    Excellent idea!

  5. 5

    You are so organized! I love your crafting area and would love to do the curtain rod thing for hanging stamp sets, right now they are in a pile!

  6. 6

    Wendy, i just saw Laura’s work space on FB and decided to go “back in time” to check out all of the DT spaces so far. I love your organizational skills too! I love what’s behind the doors!

  7. 7

    Love your room! I’m a little envious that you have 2 closets! I like how you did the shelves for your stamps. My hubs built shelves in mine but all the way across but then I don’t use it for my stamps either. :/ I love the Copics container. I’ve been trying to figure out something for mine because I like mine horizontal like that too. I also want to color coordinate them like that. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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