Design Team Series – Julie’s Personal Design Process

I am once again in the honorable position of kicking off a new design team series!  Have you ever wanted to know more about our creative process?  Well, now is your chance to learn each design team member’s personal design process!  

Ahhhhh, the creative process. Some days it is all rainbows and others…

Gorgeous rainbow!


and other days it is a mess!  Warning, the following photo may be scary for some.


This is what my desk looks like most of the time.  

I know it is hard to believe from the picture above, but I am actually somewhat organized when it comes to the whole process.  My crafting area is much bigger than just this desk.   I frequently take my crafting on the road.  I carpool to work so I craft in the car on the days I don’t drive.  Waiting for the kids is another great time to pull out markers and scissors. I try to take advantage of every minute to fit in crafting which means I need to be organized and plan ahead! Taking everything on the road though sometimes contributes to the mess.  My markers are all disorganized in the photo because I quickly took out the ones that were in my travel bag and tossed them right on top.
Organization – For me, it starts with a design team assignment or challenge.  I have a mini notebook that tracks everything and keeps me organized.  I like to think over what I am going to make before I even get started.
Here is my latest handy dandy notebook.  I usually have a page for each challenge etc. and if it is for new stamp sets than there are multiple pages.  This book is great because it has a little pocket in the front to hold fussy cut images.
Inspiration – Inspiration can strike at any time and my notebook travels with me everywhere I go so I can jot down ideas.  I don’t really keep up on the latest trends and I can’t even say that I am inspired by one thing more than another.  It really is whatever happens to catch my attention and make me think “oooo, that would make a fun card”.
Can you guess what my inspiration was for this card?
Dies – Your Next Stamp – Puffy Cloud
, Raindrops from Rainy Day and square formed with Pinwheel Die.
If you said my children’s artwork you would be correct!
These paintings were done by my sons in art class at school.
Crafting – When it comes to actually putting together cards I would describe it as a colorful mess.  I have found that I do best if I am making several cards at once.  At the end there are always piles of paper, stamps, ink pads, etc. that I need to put away.  I, errrr, enjoy looking at those piles for days.  I am usually tired by the time I finish a card and ready to go to bed so those piles stay out until I craft again or can’t stand looking at them anymore.
Be sure to check back next Monday to find out more about Jen’s crafting process!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. 1

    Awesome Julie! Great design process and your card is beautiful! Love that your were inspired by your kids artwork! TFS!

  2. 2
    wendy says:

    fabulous Julie! way to rock the challenge

  3. 3

    Awesome Julie! Way to start off the series!

  4. 4
    Maureen says:

    Your card is fabulous and love the inspiration for it!

  5. 5
    Thanh Vo says:

    Love this personal touch, Julie!!! And your children’s artwork is precious! I love the inspiration. <3

  6. 6

    I LOVE that rainbow card, Julie! Fun to see your design process and the kiddos artwork, too. 🙂

  7. 7
    Carolyn says:

    Very clever. I’ll be watching my grandchildren’s artwork more closely now! ☺️

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